James McCalley

London Professor of Power System Engineering

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Iowa State University


ISU Electric Power and Energy Systems Group

ISU Electric Power Research Center

ISU NSF IGERT-PhD Program on Wind Energy Science, Engineering & Policy

ISU NSF REU Program on Wind Energy Science, Engineering & Policy

Power Systems Engineering Research Center

Links to courses:

EE 303: Energy systems and power electronics (Spring 2019)

ENGR 340: Wind Energy: System Design and Delivery (Fall 2012)

EE 455: Introduction to Energy Distribution Systems (Spring 2005)

EE 456: Power Systems Analysis I (Fall 2006)

EE 457: Power Systems Analysis II (Spring 2015)

EE 458: Economic Systems for Electric Power Planning (Fall 2019)

EE 459/559: Electromechanical wind energy conversion and grid integration (Fall 2016)

EE 552: Power System Planning (Spring 2021)

EE 553: Steady-state analysis - Power system operation and control (Fall 2012)

EE 554: Power system dynamics (Spring 2023)

EE 653: Reliability Evaluation of Electric Power Systems

Wind Energy Science, Engineering & Policy (WESEP) 594

A personal note