EE 513, Spring 2016

Advanced Electromagnetic Field Theory II


Time and Place: 1220 Hall, Tuesday & Thursday, 2:10-3:30pm


Instructor: Jiming Song


Office Hours: Coover 2130, 1-2pm, Tuesday and Wednesday.


Course Description

(3-0) Cr. 3. S. Prereq: E E 512

Green's functions, perturbational and variational techniques. Analysis of microstrip lines and interconnects. Spectral domain approach, waves in layered media. Integral equations and method of moments. Inverse scattering. Electromagnetic applications.


Textbook, References, and Notes


Homework and Projects: Homework or project assignments will be given almost every week. The last homework/project assignment is due in the last class (dead week).


Tentative Course Schedule

  1. Introduction
  2. Green's functions (Balanis' Chapter 14).
  3. Waves and fields in layered media (Chew's Chapter 2).
  4. Surface integral equations, method of moments, modeling of interconnects (Chew's Chapter 8 and Balanis' Chapter 12).
  5. Volume integral equations, inverse scattering (Chew's Chapters 8 and 9).
  6. Perturbational and variational techniques (Harrington's Chapter 7 and Chew's Chapter 5).
  7. Other topics (electromagnetic NDE, ultrasonic NDE, etc.)


Final Grade Breakdown:

           Problem sets -----------------------      40%

 Projects and presentations ----------   60%

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