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Steady-state analysis (Fall 2012)

M, W  3:40-5:00, 204 Marston

Dr. Jim McCalley

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·         Dr. McCalley

o        Office: 1115 Coover

o        Phone: 515-294-4844

o        E-mail:

o        Office hrs: T 12-1, F 12-1, F 4-6

·         Secretary: Barb Brown

o        Office: 1130 Coover

o        Phone: 515-294-8057

o        E-mail:  

o        Office hrs: M-F, 7:30-5:00


8/20/12: The course textbook is available from the Memorial Union Bookstore. Additional resources will be posted on this website, under “schedule.”


Disability Statement:

Please address any special needs or special accommodations with me at the beginning of the semester or as soon as you become aware. Those seeking accommodations based on disabilities should obtain a Student Academic Accommodation Request (SAAR) from the Disability Resources (DR) office. Any student who feels s/he may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact me privately to discuss your specific needs. Please contact the Disability Resources Office coordinate reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities. If you have a documented disability and anticipate needing accommodations in this course, please make arrangements to meet with me soon. Please request that a Disability Resources staff send a SAAR form verifying your disability and specifying the accommodations you will need. If you have a documented disability that requires assistance, you will need to go to the Disability Resource (DR) Office for coordination of your academic accommodations.