DECADA: Discrete-Event Control and Diagnosis Analyzer

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Latest version of DECADA for Windows may be found at:

To start GUI double-Click on rundecada.bat in bin

Compiled with javac version 1.5.0_09 and cygwin 1.88

Latest version of DECADA for Linux may be found at:


Compile by running "./runme" from java/

To start GUI run command "java -jar analyzer.jar" from bin

Compiled with javac version ?? and RedHat 3.4.6-3

Future Work

Many enhancements to DECADA are possible.

  • The text input file formats could be changed to use an XML format.
  • More functions may be added.
  • Use dynamic memory for allocating state names in the FSM structure.
  • Use the C garbage collector ``libgc''

Some possible changes to the Analyzer Interface GUI could be:

  • Move font formatting to settings
  • Enhance the advanced user mode
  • Windowing environment can be changed from AWT to Swing to promote consistency between operating systems
  • Change to multi document interface
  • Group applications in the pull down menu

Known Issues

When using the GUI the .data_events filename prefix must match the plant filename prefix

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