Ralph E. Napolitano


Department of Material Science and Engineering

Iowa State University

3257 Gilman Hall




The primary mission of the NAPOLITANO GROUP for Alloy Solidification & Physical Metallurgy is to investigate the dynamic processes of crystal growth and morphological evolution during solidification and other transformations in metallic alloys to:

  1. •    understand the behavior of crystal-melt interfaces and the role of defects at the growth front,

    1. •    measure critical bulk and and interfacial properties,

      1. •    predict phase selection under conditions of rapid solidification or high undercooling,

        1.    discover new pathways to non-equilibrium materials with novel structures and unusual properties,

        2.    control microstructural features and defects through solidification processing,

        3.    create new solidification processes and alloys,

        4.    open new applications and markets for solidification processing, and

        5.    develop new predictive tools and techniques to model transformation kinetics.

        In the pursuit of these goals, the group is engaged in a variety of experimental and computational research efforts in areas of alloy thermodynamics, interfacial behavior, heat and mass transport, nucleation and growth kinetics, microstructure, and associated properties.