I am a PhD student, and research assistant in Electrical Engineering at Iowa State University, USA working under professor Dr. Ian Dobson.
My research work is associated at the Electric Power Research Center of Iowa State University.
With my research, I am pursuing a industrial application using phasor measurements for a control center where operators can see in real time if there is voltage stability problems between areas that transfer big amount of power.

I am a skilled engineering professional with 5+ years of experience in power systems, specifically in power system operations, power markets and voltage stability analysis. Excellent capacity for working under pressure and with minimal supervision, outstanding interpersonal skills, leadership ability, and perseverance for getting the goals in the best terms.

My research interests are voltage stability, smart grid, power systems application of phasor measurements, power system operations, and power markets.


Conference Papers:

Monitoring voltage collapse margin by measuring the area voltage across several transmission lines with synchrophasors

Monitoring voltage collapse margin with synchrophasors across transmission corridors with multiple lines and multiple contingencies

Curriculum Vitae

Interesting Resources

Saddle node bifurcation video

PV curve video

Voltage stability index tracking the demand change video

Lina Ramirez
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Iowa State University
1121 Coover Hall
Ames IA 50011 USA
phone: 515 294 5499