Recursive Projected Compressive Sensing (ReProCS)[back]

                     simulated and partly-simulated video sequence                                                                                          real video sequence

1) Comparison of ReProCS , PCP and RSL                                                                                4) Real video sequence






2)The need of "supp-pred-modCS" : ReProCS(modCS)












3) ReProCS(modCS) on a partly-real sequence




PCP: E. J. Candes et al, "Robust Principal Component Analysis", 2009.

RSL: F. De La Torre and M. Black, "A framework for robust subspace learning", in ICCV, 2003.

BS:  thresholding based background subtraction

(adapted) iSVD: M. Brand, "Incremental Singular Value Decomposition of Uncertain Data with Missing Values", in European Conference on Computer Vision, 2002, pp. 707--720.

iRSL: Yongmin Li, Li qun Xu, Jason Morphett, and Richard Jacobs, "An Integrated Algorithm of Incremental and Robust PCA", in IEEE Intl. Conf. Image Proc. (ICIP), 2003, pp. 245--248.


More Results on Real Video Data:

Data: The test image sequences are downloaded from




























Other results