Multi-layered Approach for Recovering Links between
Bug Reports and Fixes

Anh Tuan Nguyen, Tung Thanh Nguyen, Hoan Anh Nguyen, Tien N. Nguyen


Data and Tool


Our experiment uses oracle of links from ReLink paper

Because we use different features, besides the text and developer's hints as in ReLink paper, we use different data extracted from bug report database and source code repository. That is, we do not reuse the data from Relink website (except the links oracle). file contains:

  •  bugzillaminer.jar: mines bug reports from bugzilla bug report database.
  • googlebugminer.jar: mines bug reports from bug database of a project hosted by
  • repominer.jar: mines commits from svn repository of a given project
  • MLink.jar: recovers links by algorithms described in the paper
  • ZXingMLink.bat: mines bug reports, commits and recovers links for ZXing, etc.

The tools require java 64-bit running on PC with at least 4 GB memory. includes java source files for mining tools: bugzillaminer.jar, googlebugminer.jar, repominer.jar.

Since mining bug reports from database and commits from SVN repository takes long time, we include the mined data for ZXing, OpenIntents, Apache (using  bugzillaminer.jar, googlebugminer.jar, repominer.jar) in following file: